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Another Successful Release!
09 \ Apr \ 2015

Today was a great day for Leopold Wildlife Shelter and all of the shelter’s volunteers! The shelter successfully released two Eastern Grey Kangaroos, two Swamp Wallabies and two Whistling Kites.

All of these native animals, came into the shelter as young joeys and small chicks.

A big thank you to all of our volunteers, you...more

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Still rescuing wildlife

4 \ Apr \ 2017

Every year thousands of native animals become sick, injured or orphaned as a direct result of human activity. If left, these animals may suffer and die in pain or of starvation. Leopold wildlife shelter focuses on responding to the community need to have someone to talk to when a native animal is found in distress....more


Leopold Wildlife Shelter rescues and rehabilitates orphaned and injured native wildlife. We have been doing this voluntary work quietly for many years now and we plan on doing this work for many years to come yet. Our goal is to Rescue, Raise, Rehabilitate and Release these orphaned and injured animals, back to their natural environment, the Wild.