Leopold Wildlife Shelter rescues and rehabilitates orphaned and injured native wildlife. We have been doing this voluntary work quietly for many years now and we plan on doing this work for many years to come yet. Our goal is to Rescue, Raise, Rehabilitate and Release these orphaned and injured animals, back to their natural environment, the Wild.

Emphasis is placed on preservation and protection of endangered species.

Leopold Wildlife Shelter is almost the only shelter in Australia that captures native wildlife by hand, including macropods, we do not use drugs or nets to capture macropods and only one person is sent in to capture one macropod, not a team of 15 to 20 people with nets, tranquilizers and camouflage suits.

Capture Myopathy is something the shelter very rarely encounters. Because we don't use tranquilizers to capture macropods, we are able to release these native wildlife back into the wild, where they belong, the same day they are captured, so long as there are no injuries.

We are a teaching wildlife shelter also. We have trained many people over the years in how to safely rescue and care for our native wildlife.

We also teach the general public about our unique wildlife and their specific needs.

Leopold Wildlife Shelter & Wildlife Rescue is run entirely by highly trained volunteers and does not receive any funding.

Leopold Wildlife Shelter & Wildlife Rescue is a private shelter and is not open to the general public. We are licensed to run from our private home, which we have redesigned to facilitate the native Wildlife.

Native Wildlife is received at our shelter and evaluated. Then they are either housed in our in-house hospital or our Neonatal Care Unit or placed into one of our other in-house facilities for rehabilitation and treatment until they can be released back into the wild.

We always look and conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We also abide and adhere to all our legal obligations and regulations with the Department of Primary Industry who we are licensed through, but not funded by.

As our reputation has grown and as the public becomes more aware of the unique needs of our native wildlife, our workload and in-house animal population increases every year. Our volunteers and the general public are bringing us injured and orphaned wildlife daily.

Each year we rescue approximately 1500 animals. About 750 of these, just need to be captured and relocated to an appropriate area away from humans, cars and cats. Approximately 750 Animals need to be rehabilitated at our shelter each year, all for differing periods of time. Then they are released back into the wild, once they are ready and able.

So long as the animal or bird is native wildlife, we will take them in, care for them and release them. And this we do for all native wildlife.

On average we travel well over 800Ks a week on rescues. We pay for our own equipment and our own fuel. We use our own private vehicle, Mitsubishi Triton Twin Cab Ute 2wd, that safely transports some very large kangaroos and emus seals etc.

We travel from Warrnambool to Werribee and everywhere in-between, although most of our rescue work is carried out in and around Geelong and surrounding districts including Anglesea and surrounding areas, which means that our rescue vehicle is on the road a lot.

We are on call 24 hours a day.

If you come across Injured Native Wildlife, Please call us.