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Whatís been happening this week?Whatís been happening this week?
17 \ Aug \ 2014

During the week, four baby ring-tailed possums came in. We got them feeding well and then, today, we were able to pass them on to one of our foster carers who is really good at raising ring tailed possums. So now we only have six, not ten, to feed every four hours! Thank goodness for our foster carers!

And, itís been our usual busy week. Even on a quiet day we have been getting over 20 phone calls. David has been on the road a lot of the time, and the shelter is filling up with spring babies. Sometimes, we are so busy with feeding and tending to the animals, that we canít get to the phone when people call. If that happens, please send us an sms. We will get back to you!

This week we had a couple of calls to rescue domestic animals. We rescue and rehabilitate wild animals, not domestic. If you have a concern with a domestic animal, please contact GAWS - Geelong Animal Welfare Society on (03) 5248 8165.


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Whatís been happening this week?
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