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This week’s story: Exciting release of the Hawk!This week’s story: Exciting release of the Hawk!
25 \ Aug \ 2014

The hawk's release was great! She had been found roadside on the highway, around 11 houses away from us. She came into care in such a bad state and it seemed she may have been on the side of the road for a while. But nothing we couldn't fix here. We used lice spray, wormed her, flushed the dirt from her eyes, lots of yummy mice and chicken with Insectavor, and got her fit and well.

We looked after her for about four months. We found it fascinating that her mate found her here. Several of our team saw him. He would sit next to the cage near the pond, and when we were inside we could hear them chatting. The males are smaller than the females and he was very handsome. How clever are they!

We felt it was better to release her from here, than on the highway, just in case she didn't fly well. She was a pleasure to care for. I think some know we are helping them. And to see her fly so well brought tears to my eyes. I love releasing. It is the final act of kindness.

We believe if any wildlife we rescue can’t be released, the kindest thing to do is have them euthanized. They are born free, and should remain free. We only step in when they need help. We work with some fantastic vets. And have built up a team of wonderful volunteers to help us. I like to believe when we are dead and gone, the young ones will carry on caring for the wildlife we love so much. Caring for wildlife is not a hobby, it isn't part time for us. We are 100% committed to each and every one.


Another Successful Release!
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This week’s story: We can’t win them all...
This week’s story: Exciting release of the Hawk!
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