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This week’s story: We can’t win them all...This week’s story: We can’t win them all...
03 \ Sep \ 2014

On Friday David was called out to rescue a Ringtail Possum. He arrived to find it wasn’t a possum at all ... but a really cute Native Rat! The poor little rat was being hammered by birds, so we treated all of his wounds and set him up with food and water. He is native wildlife, and so we took care of him.

But sadly, we have to report that the little Native Rat died. But, he passed away with a full tummy, and his mouth bulging with food. Poor little fellow. It just proves to us that we can’t save them all. We did our best to settle him in and gave him the best opportunity to survive. This is the reality, we can’t only tell the feel-good stories.

A death in care is very sad.


Another Successful Release!
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This week’s story: We can’t win them all...
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