He Was 11 Feet Tall @ 01 Feb 2015

‘It leapt over a woman’s car and she became hysterical.’

‘Up on its tippy toes this one on Saturday would be 11 feet tall.’

‘They could disembowel a member of the public if they approach them.’

He Was 11 Feet Tall

He was 11 feet tall and stopped shoppers in their tracks
The expert would know just more of the facts.
This big boy was a sight to see
Jumping and bounding trying to flee
. He wandered into suburbia for some food and drink
If he had have been injured it would be terrible to think.
Moving very quickly the calls came thick and fast
As shocked onlookers saw the Roo fly past.
Out came the police, they were first on the scene
Made track of the Roo, and where it had been.
Quite a lot of people watched him
So he was easy to track
Hopping through the town
And passing Big Macs.
Who do we call? What’s that fella’s name?
The one they call the Roo Whisperer, that one of fame.
We need a trained wildlife expert
No one else would do.
If you will give him a call
He will come to you too.
He came with lights flashing on his truck
No more was this Roo going to run amuck.
Walking around him without eye contact
The expert does this, and that’s a fact.
He took the Roo’s hand so he couldn’t lean back
Then that big old Roo was put in the sack.
To the applause of onlookers they cheered and clapped.
That’s what he’s known for
That’s what he’s at.
Another Roo captured, another Roo saved
The newspaper came out with the story they raved.
But David, David you were supposed to rest
This big Roo had put you to the test.
Just remember you had
Some cracked old ribs.
Don’t go any further by telling those fibs.
You were supposed to take it easy
You were supposed to be in bed.
Then we read that you were catching
That big old Roo instead.

Bravo for your dedication
Bravo because you’re brave
Bravo for the Whisperer
The one that they call Dave.

P.S. One hell of a catch, Dave.
11 feet tall.


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